It's not Rocket Science.

There are a lot of different ways a developer can maximize their app monetization. Potential opportunities range from mediating 3rd party ad networks, cross promotion, deep linking to valuable app content, or incentivized ads. SkyRocket is the only toolset that lets you easily optimize all of these opportunities and more. Plus, easily layer in segmentation to create different types of experiences for different users.


Ads or Offers? Server-side or SDK? RTB or Ad Network? Have the power to say yes to any monetization partner. Choose the partners that are right for you and always be in position to test new ones. Mediation includes display ad partners and incentivized partners. See the list of currently supported partners here, or integrate new partners via our SDK adapters.


Skyrocket brings the same powerful tools we offer on display ads to incentivized ads. Supported ad formats include a mediated offerwall, a watch to earn mediated video product, and the ability to run individual offers as banner and interstitials. Mediate ad networks, cross-promote, or sell offers directly across any ad format.

Cross Promotion

Sending your customers to your own products instead of a 3rd party can often create more value for developers. Skyrocket gives you control to easily promote and track installs of your other apps. Does your app support IAPs? Setup ads that click directly to IAPs to drive added revenue, or deep link users to valuable placements in your app.


Easily create different experiences for different users. Want to show only cross promotions to your valuable users? Or turn ads off completely? You can also improve retention by rewarding users who experienced a crash with free currency the next time they open your app.